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As your blood fills my mouth i hear your heart pumping [entries|friends|calendar]

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Can't beat the best ones
A little closer maybe a bit too close
You function you turn out
A flawless performance

Turn your camera away from me
Spill your guts in 8mm
Put your focus where your mouth is
You're the only one who's fading here

Such holidays in the sun
don't come without sacrifices
You know it makes more sense

I like the way you cry
Break my heart and
break my hands and let me down
I want to snap your neck in two
And leave you dead, so dead
on and on and on and on and on (go!)...
Put anything you want in here.
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3:15pm August 1st]
i am no longer using this journal.. it is CLOSED
Spill your guts in 5 millimeter.

2:27pm July 19th]
Spill your guts in 4 millimeter.

12:31am July 17th]
todays makeup img heavy!Collapse )
Spill your guts in 9 millimeter.

6:23am July 10th]
ok... i been cutting morel... i made a journal just for cuttin if you want to know it... well actually not just for cutting but yeh... if you want it ask for it if not oh well
Spill your guts in 9 millimeter.

4:04pm July 5th]
how do you come out of the closet?

how do you tell the people closest to you?

i am........ not a lesbian...

not gay...

but i am bi sexual...

there i said it...

if you choose to dis own me... then you werent my friend in the first place.

friends: i do not think of you in a sexual way. male or female. there is a diff.
Spill your guts in 10 millimeter.

12:21am July 5th]
i HATE holidays

i HATE being alone

i HATE my Life

i should just DIE..
Spill your guts in 6 millimeter.

3:42pm July 4th]
i havent heard from jeff... although it doesnt bother me much... i am talking to a very special someone. taking things slowly i wont reveal anything personal about him in here becausei dont want to get so attached to him..... i do but it shall take time... so i dont get hurt. hes gonna come see me the first weekend in august so im really happy about that. he truely is a sweetheart. =) im glad i met him. but yeh life hasnt been going to great i mean i been swimming alot but i hate having no friends. and my cell phone got cut off... gah

3:40pm July 4th]
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6:45pm July 3rd]
JOIN TODAY (all my annoying little friends)

12:51am July 3rd]
Your Manson!! The leader of the pack. You like the spotlight and want everyone to know that you mean business.
Your Manson!! The leader of the pack. You like the
spotlight and want everyone to know that you
mean business.

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sorry just thought id put this in. ill write back... l8r

5:09am July 1st]
today i didnt do to much....

sick fucks out there...

last night phil came over....

i care for him... but yeh

jeff and me i guess broke up and we're taking a break?

i flipped out last night....

i want to die...

maybe drugs...................

i need friends..
Spill your guts in 7 millimeter.

2:11am June 30th]
i dont know whats going on with me and jeff all i know is i care about him. and he hurt me... agian... oh well...

i flipped out crying screaming cutting...

then a friend called and he was hitting on me then he said stuffa bout me having his babys and keeping it in the family and i was like hell NO!

gah... shit just keeps comming it never stops. i wanted to die. i may still. but im gonna work on me and making me happy and stop trying to make everyone else happy... maybe i need a break from men... shit...

Spill your guts in 7 millimeter.

8:07pm June 29th]

6/29/05 8:05pm =)

♥ ♥

11:47pm June 27th]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

how cute~! ♥
Spill your guts in 2 millimeter.

11:39pm June 27th]
today... my group friend didnt come over... shes gonna come over tomarrow... i called jeff today...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

hes very s-p-e-c-i-a-l

to ME

he he he :: smiles ::

i think after im done with my ZK im gonna throw all my razorblades in the water...

maybe... hopefully..

2:54am June 27th]
everytime i hear that damn mariah cary song i think of nick.............. damn i miss him.... and zac..........................................

havent heard from jeff...................

all the hurt the longing.....

only solution i can find is my razor.....

i told my mom rob raped me.... took me long enough...........

oh pete (razors name)

you can guess
Spill your guts in 3 millimeter.

12:11am June 27th]
ok i kinda cut today only one small one.... and yeh

i just wanted to bum around today.

maybe im just a fat pig......

having doubts about the way i look

want friends

want to be loved.

well tommarrow a friend from my cutting group is gonna come over/spend the night... do i see makeovers in the future. by charles i think i do!
Spill your guts in 3 millimeter.

7:31pm June 26th]
lets playy.....50 questionsCollapse )

7:06pm June 26th]
my new cuts. very small Collapse )

12:33pm June 26th]
build me a castle in the sand ? Collapse )

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